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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Yandri Christian Pitoy (Jendry Pitoy)

Yandri Pitoy (born 15 January 1981 in Tomohon, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia) is an Indonesian footballer. He is a goalkeeper who is considered to be among the best goalkeepers in Indonesia today.
He plays for the Indonesia national football team as the first team regular. His first international debut as a senior national team player was for friendly match between Indonesia and Malaysia in 26 September 2003 and the match was ended draw 1-1.
In Sea Games 2001 he brought U-23 National Team to 4th Places after losing 0-1 from Myanmar (3rd Places). In Sea Games 2003 in Hanoi, Vietnam he failed to bring U-23 National Team to Semi Final. The team were not qualified from group qualification at first round. In Asian Cup 2007, he played in two matches in group D qualification in Jakarta. Those two matches are Indonesia against Bahrain (won 2-1) and Indonesia against Saudi Arabia (lost 1-2).
Yandri brought his club, Persipura Jayapura to win Liga Indonesia together with teammates in his club. In 2010 he joined Perseman Manokwari